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Lose your Selfie Stick!

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Introducing The Selfie Drone Quadcopter!

Capture jaw-dropping, hands-free selfies or videos from the air, anywhere you go!

Enjoy hours of fun flying this pocket-sized drone, even performing flips and spins with ease!


Here's What People Are Saying...


"I've always wanted a drone to take group photos with but their huge size and price always turned me off. But this little drone is perfect. Now I take it with us to the beach or park and I always get the best selfies and aerial shots for Facebook. It couldn’t be easier to fly or more fun. Best thing I’ve bought in years"  Warner. K, Claifornia



"I was a little nervous about flying this cos my friend crashed his big drone. But as soon as I got it set up I was taking gorgeous aerial selfies and videos! It’s sooooo much fun! This thing is super addictive and I love that it fits right in my pocket. BIG fan!"  Cathy L. , New York




"This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! A way to take awesome group selfies on a hike without asking a stranger to do it. Plus shooting videos of the scenery is amazing too! Now my Facebook profile is full of amazing photos and everyone wants to know how I take them eh eh"   Richard C, Texas



Here's Why The Selfie Drone Is So Special...


The camera streams its footage directly to your smartphone or tablet, letting you frame the perfect selfie, group photo or video every time.

Plus it's EasyFlight technology makes it truly fun and effortless to fly, with zero experience needed.

You'll be doing spins, barrel rolls, 360 flips, funnels and dives...all on your first day!

Whether you're on a hike, with friends or simply at home, this camera drone fits in your pocket and will make your memories shine.

NOTE: Today only we're giving you a SelfieDrone Quadcopter for just $74.90 - a truly unbeatable deal since quality drones like this cost well over $400!


Selfie Drone Features:

  • Pocket-Sized - When folded up, it's similar in size to the iPhone 7 Plus, only thicker, letting you carry it in your pocket just like your phone, and fly it around wherever you go

  • Birds-Eye View - The built-in camera streams live video or photos to your Android or iPhone for framing picture-perfect shots

  • EasyFlight System - It's smart “brain” has a stabilizer, accelerometer and 6-axis gyroscope, making flying super easy and fun, with no practice required

  • 1-Tap Commands - Your take-offs, returns and landings take just 1 simple click on the app, making flying effortless, even for total beginners

  • Tough 'n' Rugged - Made from solid ABS thermoplastic, SelfieDrone is designed to handle knocks, bumps and crashes without breaking - more fun, less stress

  • Max Air Time - The powerful lithium ion battery is fully rechargeable and lets you fly for up to 8 minutes on a single charge ( easy to replace additional battery )


  • Ready-To-Fly - SelfieDrone comes pre-tuned and calibrated from the factory. Just charge it up, switch it on and away you go

  • Complaint-Proof - Expect a hassle-free flying experience since it's 100% legal to fly without a licence while also being surprisingly quiet
  • Fly Far & Wide - SelfieDrone generates its own 2.4ghz Wi-Fi signal letting you operate it from up to 40m away.

What's included: 1 SelfieDrone Quadcopter, 1 Built-in 3.7v 500mah Battery, 1 USB charging cable, 4 Spare Blades, 1 Protective Case, 1 Screwdriver and 1 User Manual.




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Read Our "Iron Clad" Money Back Guarantee...

Guarantee: If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied with your Selfie Drone, even if you don't like color of the box or how it fits in your pocket, return it to us within 30 days for a full, prompt refund. No Questions Asked!

So, what are you waiting for?
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We look forward to hearing your reaction once you receive your package in the mail. Please email us and let us know at info@homeoftrendz.com


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