AV8R 15/12/2017

Great Stuff. It does what it says it does.
Many of the bad reviews must be because people are not properly curing the material with the UV light.
REMEMBER: ANY of the liquid which does not get exposed to the light will NEVER cure (dry)
This stuff, when used properly is very strong but it has limits where you can't expose the entire application to the UV light. Any resin you apply that does not receive direct exposure to the UV light for 15-30 seconds will never harden, never bond and never dry.

If you are trying to bond a broken object and the parts fit together perfectly? USE SUPER GLUE, because the UV light will not penetrate into the perfect joint and the material will not dry.
This product fills gaps and if you are bonding, you must apply this externally and then cure (dry) it with the UV light. Take your time with the UV light, the battery in the light will outlast the product.

4 Stars because the cap for the material leaks easily if not perfectly replaced after use.

Michelle H. 15/12/2017

I have fixed glass and crystal with this and it works great! I did try a plastic item, but it did not bond. I believe, though, it was because the broken parts were feet on the bottom of a large, heavy item. That being said, they fell back off before much weight was put on them, so it may be that it doesn't work as well with certain plastics as it does with other things. It is worth the price to keep it on hand.

Saccyeho 14/12/2017

This stuff is AMAZING!!! It's better than superglue in as much as it doesn't run, it doesn't dry before I'm ready and it's easy to control the flow. Once I have the pieces in place just so it takes just 3-5 seconds of shining the light and it's set! Once it's set it does NOT come apart, it doesn't wiggle or shift in anyway and things I repaired upon receiving this, which was nearly 2 mos. ago, are still repaired and show no signs of weakening. This includes items that get used quite a few times weekly and 1 item that I use every single day. It's my favorite pen which got broken while in the bottom of my purse. It was broken in such a way that I lost the ability to have the ink cartridge come out when I twisted the cap. It works perfectly now, the top twists just like it's supposed to and I do indeed use it every day.

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Original 5 Second Fix

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    • Length: 13cm
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