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Medea 01/06/2017

I like the convenience of the item being smaller and I portable, with multiple ways to connect to your device. However, I had a diffcult time syncing my Iphone 6 to the device by Airplay and the seller sent me the software link.

Confusios. 26/05/2017

A fantastic projector. Couldn't be more portable. Very intuitive and easy to set up in minutes. Great picture. Wifi connection is simple and straight-forward. The Android iOS is laid out perfectly for easy installation of apps. Easy to stream right from Netflix, Amazon, etc. Zero frame stuttering and zero picture/sound synching issues. Very happy with the purchase. I would recommend using a mouse for easier navigation as well as external speakers for a fuller sound. My only warning is you may never touch your TV again.

Andrew. 25/05/2017

Great little projector. A lot of bang for the buck.
Had an issue mirroring airplay with my iPhone 7, but Shirley answered my email quickly with an updated apk file that solved the problem. Honestly the projector has all the features I would use in my phone already on it. But I'm happy I can use the airplay feature. Great product for the price!

Jane. 24/05/2017

Bought this for my boyfriend birthday and he absolutely I love. Vendors quality is amazing and you can basically connect browse and do everything

QuietFire 20/05/2017

The built in KitKat has a proprietary menu that makes it a little different from you Android phone or tablet. Still the menu is a good touch. It simplifies navigation by classing a few major apps on their own, like Kodi. It also has a favorites folder on the desktop where you can drop such much needed apps as Netflix or Hulu.
Kodi in of itself is a nice touch for media player. It can stream music, and a wide variety of video apps. Additionally you can stream content straight off the internet, but be careful with that. This is software that doesn’t discern copyrights.
Yes, I really want to give this 5 stars. We use it frequently, watching Netflix in the hot tub several nights a week. But there are a few down falls that keep me from giving it that perfect rating.
Like the fact that Kodi comes with many many preloaded pluggins. Sometimes you’ll fire up Kodi and see several pluggins update or at least attempt to update for the first few minutes. Oh, it’s only a minor annoyance.

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Android Pocket Projector

  • Brand: Infinity
  • Product Code: Android Pocket Projector
  • Availability: In Stock
US$149.00 US$599.00
Special price valid

Product Information

·         PROJECT MOVIES, VIDEOS & VISUALS ANYTIME ANYPLACE: Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to watch your favorite movies or funny YouTube videos with your friends and family, without having to crowd in front of a small smartphone screen? This PORTABLE, smartphone mini projector has been specially designed to offer you the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE of HOME CINEMA, all from a slim, wireless, pocket size, smart projector.

·         SHARE, TRANSFER &PROJECT DATA WIRELESSLY: Now you can finally share or transfer your documents to PCs, laptops and most mobile devices without requiring the use of cables. Forget about the hassle of tangling cords once and for all. Why not project your stored documents on a big screen display and work on your business presentation more easily? Or share your cell phone’s screen with your friends and play your favorite games from the comfort of your bedroom.

·         HIGH QUALITY, ON THE GO, MULTIMEDIA DISPLAY: This uniquely slim, wireless, smart projector features a POWERFUL, lithium polymer INNER BATTERY that lasts for up to 3 HOURS, a HD presentation screen for REMARKABLE BRIGHTNESS, as well as built-in DUAL Wi-Fi and BLUETOOTH. It also has an HDMI and SD CARD input and can support USB or other memory hard drives. With ANDROID 4.4 you can now view MOST of your streaming Apps.

·         ULTRA PORTABLE&MIRACAST AIRPLAY Eshare SUPPORT: Take this ULTRA PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT gadget anywhere and enjoy premium home cinema displays hands-free.With Miracast, Airplay, Eshare Standard connecting your smart phone to the Projector now becomes a breeze, without the need for cables. In just seconds, you now get to mirror the contents of your smartphone’s screen on the Projector. Why not bring it to your outdoor party and project some cool visual displays or music videos.

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The Future of Portable Projector Technology is Here Now.


Have you ever wished to be able to have all the benefits of a projector in one slim, mini gadget that can easily fit in your pocket?

With Smart Pro wireless, portable smartphone projector, showing the latest viral video to your friends, displaying your vacation photos on your living room wall, or simply watching a movie while snuggling in your bed, now becomes a breeze.

Enjoy Some Quality Time with Your Family and Kids

With their busy daily schedules, parents have little time to spend with their children. Why not make the most of this time with Smart Pro portable, wireless smart projector in only the size of a cell phone?

Smart Pro high quality, home cinema, pocket projector will turn each room of your house into a movie theater in seconds. 


·  RAM:DDR3 1G + ROM Flash memory 32GB

·  brightness:300 IOS lumens

·  It has a powerful inner battery with capacity 5000 Mah that can play for 2.5 hours NON-STOP.

·  Features HD Max 1080P extra bright screen.

·  Has Built-in Dual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

·  Features HDMI INPUT Function

·  Supports new Apps download.

·  Features Miracast Airplay & Eshare function.

·  Super lightweight and pocket size.

·  Connects with iPad, iPhone, PC, laptop, TV and other mobile device.


Package Including:

·  Mini Smart Android Projector

·  Air Mouse

·  Extendable Tripod Leg

·  HDMI Cable

·  Power Adapter

·  User Manual


Important Tips for Smart Pro Projector Users:

·         With it’s real brightness 300 IOS lumens ,we recommend to use in dark environment for better watching experience.

·         Runs Android OS 4.4,Pls give us a phone call or send en email If you have compatibility issue with newest apps!

Have you ever wished to be able to have all the benefits of a projector in one slim, mini gadget that can easily fit in your pocket?


Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every Order.

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