About Us



Home of Trendz is based in Canada and our story is about people who find beauty in Affordable Styling with Simplicity. Simple is not about being plain. It is about being grounded, sophisticated and true to oneself. Away from distractions and focused on the things that are truly important in life. With this mindset we are committed to bringing you high quality elegant timepieces at affordable price


Any product that you purchase at HOME OF TRENDZ would be unique and bring the best out of your look and complete your outfit. The unique selection of watches has been curated  from around the world that are built with the highest quality materials, with a timeless design, but at a fraction of the cost of a name brand watch.

We source our watches from several vendors with the US, Europe and Asia - which allows us to offer wholesale prices, with an often changing variety with the highest quality materials and design. Because we ship from multiple warehouses, pleas allow up to 2-3 weeks for any times that may ship from international warehouses.

At Home of Trendz we want to bring the latest styling products which have been produced with attention and care, with a strong focus on materials, quality and style. 

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